Thursday, 2 January 2014

♥ Lolita Hairstyles I'd Like to See More Often ♥

With lolita being a style with such diversity between designs, outfits, and substyles, I'm very surprised with the lack of different hairstyles. While I love the array of different curly and wavy styles that are commonly worn, (and I do love me some wavy, curly lolita hairstyles) I would really love to see a world of more varying lolita hairstyles! Here are a few favourite styles of mine that I personally would like to see paired with lolita more often.


Despite the 'traditional' beginnings of lolita I think the boost of bright colours would look nice with the fashion. I love the look of using unnatural colours as highlights or an notable 'accent' colour, and not just the usual way it is done in sweet with the two-toned wigs that match the colour of the dress. It has been done before, with the punk and gothic substyles, but I do wish it was done more outside of the box with sweet lolita and other substyles!

[Source? - GLB? AP?]
[Source - B2C Umeda @ Rasysa]


A style I absolutely love is when hair is brushed to one-side, especially in high-low updos. This style is fairly common with Gyaru, but I think it would look especially cute with lolita. I have seen it a few times with casual lolita outfits, but I do wish it was worn more with lolita. It's okay to break the symmetry associated with lolita outfits!

[Source - Mahaloa @ Rasysa]
[Source - Arena @ Rasysa]


Another style I am very fond of, to be worn with lolita style or otherwise, are boyish short styles! While they work perfectly with ouji/kodona, they're hardly worn outside of that substyle. I think a pirate-loli with a pixie-cut or a sweet lolita with a prince-like head of wavy curls just sounds too cute! Though lolita may be traditionally an ultra-feminine style, I think short styles like these can work nicely in a feminine way as well!

[Source - HAIR SNOB @ Rasysa]
[Source - Za/Za Aoyama @ Rasysa]


Lastly, a style that I absolutely adore, and wish was worn more often, would have to be afro lolitas!!! They can look downright silly if they're done the wrong way, but I just adore the look of an afro with lolita. In both natural and unnatural colours, afros are a super hairstyle that I think works very well for the fashion. I can understand wearing them could be a little bit daunting, especially if one doesn't have the natural hair for it, but I think it's a style well worth wearing!

[Source - Damare Kozou @ Yaplog]
[Source - SmileySquid @ Blogspot]

Some people think afros can be too costumey or clown-like, which I can understand how the style could come across like that. If an afro is too much, why not wear large, puffed out crimped hair? I think it could look very doll-like and cute!

[Source - Raffine @ Rasysa]


Let me know what you think: Are my opinions a bit too wacky, or do you agree with my thoughts? In your opinion, what hairstyles do you think should be worn more often with lolita fashion?

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