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♥ Music for Lolitas of Every Style ♥

I'm one of those people that likes to have music to fit everything about their day. I like to listen to fast paced songs when I'm driving, cutesy songs when I'm going for walks, and videogame music when I'm working out. (It keeps me pumped up, haha.) This makes me think though, could I have different music for when I'm wearing different styles of lolita?

When I think lolita bands, I think of the obvious. Moon Kana has modeled for the GLB multiple times, and sports lolita fashion regularly. Though her music can be very eclectic, she is indeed a representation of lolita fashion. Akira Takarano of ALI Project has made lolita part of her artistic style from the beginnings from the sweet, cute music the band started with  to their more recent darker, operatic works. But aside from those two, who else could represent our fashion suitably? 


Music for A Sweet Lolita

Kanon Wakeshima - Known for [Skip Turn Step] [Still Doll] [Marmalade Sky]
In her music videos and albums Kanon usually wears lolita fashion or historically inspired frocks, so in that alone she's already great for fans of lolita. Her music is centered around the beautiful sounds of her cello playing, with peppy and cheerful (for the most part) lyrics. Her music is often lively and cute, though sometimes her music can be slow and serene. I think her music would also be suitable for classic lolita, but ultimately fits best with the styles of sweet.
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Known for [Pon Pon Pon] [Invader Invader] [Furisodation]
For fans of 'kawaii', OTT, or all things creepy cute, Kyary is the best possible music to compliment your style. Kyary started as a fashion blogger, who wore various harajuku kei styles, including lolita fashion! With her cheerful lyrics and incredibly catchy tunes, it's hard not to sing along and dance along. Her creative and bizarre fashion and music videos are also a neat plus! 
YaoYao - Known for [Honey] [Tell The Love] [Free Love]
I first noticed Yao Yao for her adorable cover of KARA's song Honey, and her adorable use of Bodyline's lolita items in the music video. While her sexy look can be a bit off putting for some, her music is cute and sweet!


Music for A Gothic Lolita

Kalafina - Known for [Red Moon] [Magia] [Lacrimosa]
With their powerful voices and beautiful melodies, these women are one of my favourite bands to listen to. Their musical has a classical instrument flair similar to Kanon Wakeshima, but their music has a much darker, gothic tone. Their music varies from loud rock to melancholic balads, and it's all enjoyable. These talented women are a must-listen, in my opinion.
Buck-Tick - Known for [Dress] [Romance] [Gessekai]
Now the hunky looks and smooth voice of the lead singer should be good enough of a reason to listen to this amazing jrock band their dark, gothic music is perfect for the gothic lolita. Buck Tick have been active for three decades, and are often credited as some of  the 'fathers of visual kei'. Over the years they have experimented with many different musical styles, including gothic, punk, darkwave and other music styles. This band is a real treat for those who are fans of gothic music, visual kei and anything in between.
Rasputina - Known for [1816, The Year Without Summer] [Gingerbread Coffin] [In Old Yellowcake]
This band is incredibly popular is gothic fashion circles, and there is no suprise why. Their music is gloomy, creepy, and thoroughly enjoyable. Their music is a interesting mix of classic instruments, modern electronic, and dark lyrics, but it comes together to make such an interesting and rich sound.


Music for A Classic Lolita

Kokusyoku Sumire - Known for [Le Poison] [The Secret Tea Party] [Gekko Renka]
While they do often wear gothic lolita, their style is not explicitly lolita. Their big skirts, lace and frills combined with their unique style makes an interesting 'old country style' sister to lolita. Their music is so incredibly unique, mixing operatic singing, classic instruments (including an accordian) and their own sense of style. Their calming, and at times funny, music is wonderful to listen to, and flatters the classic lolita lifestyle very well.
Sucrette - Known for [Love Prologue] [Whistle and Love] [My Brilliant Summer]
Though I personally don't know much about the history of the artist, Sucrette has a sweet, lovely voice that is a joy to listen to. Her soft singing isn't overly sweet, and her musical style has a really nice, calm sound. It's the perfect music for laying in a bed of grass, staring at clouds.
Fleet Foxes - Known for [Montezuma] [Blue Ridge Mountains] [Mykonos]
These 'mountain men' are famous for their soothing indie folk sounds. They came to be known worldwide in 2008, and ever since they've been releasing their relaxing melodies worldwide. Their music may not stray from their slow pace and soft voices, but despite this it ranges from catchy upbeat tunes to slow and sad stories. Their lyrics are a blessing to listen to, with a poetic nature that is very enjoyable.


I hope you all enjoyed my musical choices! Do you have any musicians that you think fit perfectly with lolita?
If you do, please leave a comment below!  

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