Tuesday, 28 January 2014

♥ Pairing Unusual Items With Lolita ♥

Note: I'm going to apologize if this article is a bit poorly written or worse than my other articles, as I'm currently under a lot of medication while writing this. Next week I have dental surgery and right now I'm on a multitude of pills.

One thing I'm a fan of, and I know for a fact other lolitas enjoy, is pairing unusual or non-lolita items with the fashion! The items can be anything from 'normal' fashion staples like leather jackets to vintage 1950s pieces or even . Today I'm going to give a few tips on how to make unusual items work with lolita!

Don't forget the colours of your outfit: Treat matching the item like you would any other item in the coordinate. It has to take a colour from your coordinate, whether it matches the base colour of your pain piece or pulls out a more subtle colour from your outfit.

When matching colours, avoid using your accessories to 'add' a colour into the coordinate. By adding colour without pulling it from the main pieces, it can make the accessories pop out too much and have the coordinate a bit 'off'. For example, if the item you're adding is black and the dress is a pastel print, adding black tights, wristcuffs, and accessories, everything will look a little off even if its masterfully balanced.

Make sure it matches the 'theme' or aesthetic of the outfit: The item has to flow with the outfit and look like it belongs. For example, a leather jacket fits well with punk, but would look out of place in sweet. In situations where the item doesn't match the 'look' of your outfit, you can always change it so that it does match! Any item can be fixed with a little ribbon, lace, paint or any sort of modification if done right.

[Source - MissAngelaLovesTheCute @ Tumblr]
Make the item noticeable: Try not to let the outfit overwhelm the item but also don't let the item be overwhelming. If your item is large and/or extravagant, try to pair it with an extravagant outfit. If your item is simple, try to keep the outfit simple. As well, you can make a simple or plain item more extravagant by adding to it, but you can't really make an extravagant item simple without heavy modification.

The example below is good, because the hat is kept balanced with the outfit by the large parasol. As well, the floral print of the dress matches the flowers of the hat, drawing it in. In addition, she could improve her outfit by adding a small feather pin to address the feather on the hat, and possibly lacey socks to balance it all together.

[Source - MyLolitaFantasy]

Pairing unusual items with lolita is a great experiment in coordinating and can be very fun! As well, it's a nice way of making your coordinates stand out! I hope you all enjoyed my tips and maybe even start experimenting by adding new things to the fashion! Who knows, you might make the next big trend!

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