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♥ Trends I Would Like To See In Lolita ♥

As it is in any style of fashion, lolita fashion trends come and go with the time. In lolita, some can be are harder to predict than others. It was obvious to see the growing trend of classic lolita from 2010 until now, but who could have predicted head-eating headbows when rectangle headdresses were de rigueur? Being an old school lolita at heart, I'm still shocked to see skirt lengths getting shorter and shorter.

Trends will always change, but it's still surprising to see them when they first emerge. Still, it is fun trying to predict them! Today I'm going to share what I think the next big thing will be, as well as share a few fun ideas of my own that I would like to see be "big" in the fashion!


Upcoming Trend Prediction #₁

Intense Rococo Hair/Headwear

[Source - La marquise de becdelièvre, Alexander Roslin (left) College of Fine Arts (right)]

With the recent trend of OTT classic explosively reaching new heights, I wouldn't be very surprised if we started to see more giant "head-eating" hats worn in the fashion. Hats are common in lolita, but usually only in 'normal' sizes or in the minihat variety. While the large style of hats have been worn before in coords, as seen here and here, it is still an uncommon style to wear. However, I have been noticing big hats have been getting more popular!

[ Source: Starrori ]

Do you think we will start seeing rococo hats, and maybe even hairstyles, worn commonly sometime soon?


A Trend I'd Like To See  #₁

Wa Lolita Style Blouse

I know, this sounds horribly outlandish and I know many immediately think "ita" when they see wa lolita, but I think if it's done well and tastefully it can look really nice. I prefer wa lolita that follows a very traditional kimono aesthetic, using solids or muted prints instead of the bright sweet lolita prints or black/white/red combo that seems to be so common with wa lolita. I think using classic techniques such as traditional embroidery and beading would also suit the lolita aesthetic really nicely.

A nice tailored blouse, with kimono-style sleeves could work very nicely underneath a JSK, or even over-top a skirt with a nice obi or lolita-friendly belt. I would love to have a insert for the blouse, similar to how detachable yokes work, in order to make the blouse look more formal. It would be much less hot than adding multiple layers of kimono tops. One could even add nice cotton lace to the inside layer in order to make it more suitable for lolita! 


Upcoming Trend Prediction #₂

Chiffon/See-Through Overskirts

It's already been done before with Angelic Pretty's Day Dream Carnival but the concept hasn't been seen in many brand releases much beyond that. Despite this, there are quite a few indie brands and independent seamstresses experimenting with them and creating their own overskirt designs! 

Both Lady Sariel (left) and Haenuli (right) have sold their own overskirt designs. 

Since the sheer look is currently being popularized with the peignoir trend I think this one will be just as popular! I can either see this trend gaining vast amounts of popularity or completely failing to miss the mark. If people don't get too sick of the peignoir look, this is a much more easy to wear and accessible way to have that sheer, transparent look in outfits without struggling to make peignoirs "fit" in a traditional lolita coord!


A Trend I'd Like To See  #₂

Medieval and Renaissance Inspired Lolita

Sleipnir by Ergi (left) was inspired by Vikings, while these dresses by Cloudberry Lady (right) are renaissance-themed.

This one is a bit of a stretch, possibly wishful thinking on my part, but I do believe this could be a common trend! We've already seen it been done a few times from indie brands, but nothing really from the big brands.

I don't think lolita should just be limited to be inspired by Rococo and Victorian. The medieval and renaissance periods have some beautiful styles of cuts, bustiers, sleeves and design motifs in general. Rennaissance clothing is especially opulent! Right now would be the best time for this trend to emerge, as BTSSB's designs are getting more and more regal and fancy with each release!

I know it is quite different from the normal styles of lolita, but I do really hope the trend grows, with more and more people inspired by these eras.


Upcoming Trend Prediction #₃

Full Veils

[ Source: Siriusc (left), BTSSB's Maria Veil (right) ]

Short veils have been popular in lolita for a long time, but full, long veils have always been reserved to the bride-themed coordinates. Long veils are capable of looking elegant and innocent as well as ghostly and eerie. They can be incredibly versitile and work with both classic, gothic, and sweet! I'm actually surprised they haven't gained huge popularity already.

Lately long dresses, lacy underskirts, and ultra-opulent dresses like CDC have been intensely popular. After experiencing it in 2008, I can say firsthand lolita is going through a huge shift right now with how the style is overall and I wouldn't be surprised if longer veils skyrocketed into popularity! 


A Trend I'd Like To See  #₃

Kokoshnik Headwear and Tiaras

On both sides of my family, I have strong Ukranian and Russian heritage. Since I was a child, I was always fascinated by the cultures of my various familial backgrounds. It is because of that passion for cultures, and my love for fashion, that I hold kokoshnik dear to my heart. 

Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna (left), A modern kokoshnik by TROIKA (right)

Kokoshnik is a style of headdress worn in Russia from the 16th to 19th century. In the early 19th century, the kokoshnik was adapted into a style of tiara. They are made in many different styles, shapes and sizes. They are still worn, but only in special occassions and when traditional dress is worn.
The Rosenborg Kokoshnik Tiara
Source ]

 I find them so incredibly beautiful and elegant. I would love to see them worn in lolita, in any of the styles. The formal nature of the headdress, with how elegant and beautiful they are, would work wonderfully in lolita fashion. With how popular the 'Maria' Halo style crowns are lately, I think these really could be received well with the fashion.

I can only hope, if kokoshnik do become worn in the fashion, that they would be worn elegantly and with dignity. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this! What do you think the next trends for lolita fashion will be?
Thanks for reading!

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